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Our Product

3 meter guide tube

3 meter guide tube used for extension of work on lengthy pipe or extra height

callimated camera 1

Collimated camera used for working of day & night times with less radiation leak

ASTM 19CS Large

ASTM 19CS,of thickness checking in 19 sett blocks in Aluminium, bras, SS&CS etc. material

Step Block

Step Block of standard and non-standard measure with chrome plating and wooden boxes

Our Company

We Introduce Ourlelves as one of the leading Precision Machining Units, since 1986, Successfully Serving Various Iindustries and customers for over two-a-half decades.

  • We specialize in all kinds of MUT and AUT Reference Calibration Blocks.
  • A team of expert technicians take care of Radiography Camera repairs and spares fittings.
  • We also supply shielding materials, Such as Tungsten and Lead For Radiation Collimators, Radioactive Storage Containers, Shielding Plates, etc.