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3 meter guide tube

3 meter guide tube used for extension of work on lengthy pipe or extra height

callimated camera 1

Collimated camera used for working of day & night times with less radiation leak

Camera converter CPR

Camera converted CPR is used for close proximatety radiation

Camera repair

Camera repair and spares as we are near to BRIT

camera spares

Camera spare are available of standard size genuine parts

Collimated camera

Collimated camera is hazardous free cane work round the clock

Collimators Web

Collimator web used for radiation free purpose & light weight usage

CPR Chain holder

CPR Chain holder to holder the close proximately camera for light weighted camera

cranking unit

Cranking unit for all cameras with guide tube


Crawler for long and deep pipe line x-rays

crawlers body

Crawler bodies in Aluminum,SS and powder coated


Dummy made for repair and checking of maintained camera

extension guide tubes

Extension guide tube 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 meter of all types of connector

guide tubes

Guide tube with all type of connector in SS/Aluminium

gun type remote

Gun type remote for handy used and light weight

JME parts

JME parts all standard size and spares

lead collimated tubes

Lead collimated tube for guide tube in all length

lead collimators

Lead collimator in all sizes and director at low cost

Lead numbers cobalt

Lead numbers for cobalt/regular

lead plates

Lead plates for radiation shielding of all thickness and sizes

lead pot

Lead pot for 40 curie source in MS fabricated Body

lead roll

Lead rod use to rap on to minimum radiation on collimator/job

led film viewer

panaromic collimator

Tungsten panoramic collimator with aluminium casing

pigtail repair

Pigtail repair as per genius part if low curie


Poly tungsten for used of extra shielding of radiation

Radiographic Accessories

Radiography accessories for all type of sticker, blinker and flag

remote spares

Remote genuine spares of standard fitments


Remote in yellow ,blue and black outer hose

self centered device

Self centered device for inside elbow radiography in 4",6",10",12",14",16" pipe

Source container

Source container above 100 curie for carrying or store


spider for pipe radiography in deep way extended strips of one meter each

SS body lead pot

SS Body led pot for carry or store 60 curie source guarantee 25 years

tungestun pot

Tungsten pot used for storing source to avoid accident

tungsten collimator for cobalt

Tungsten collimator for cobalt of TVT

Tungsten Panoromic Collimator

Tungsten panoramic collimator with aluminium casing & brass nob

Angle Stand For Eliptical shot

Angle Stand For Eliptical shot on SCAR PRO camera

Clamps for X-RAY

Clamps for X-RAY tubes

Collimator stand

Collimator stand with magnet



T Pot of CGM

T Pot of CGM Crawlers


IQI for radiography

Lead collimated

Lead collimated guide tube

Chek Machin O Fab Make Pipeline Crawlers:-

  1. Suitable for 406 mm (16 inch) to 915mm (36 inch) diameter pipe.
  2. 200Kv/5 mA Panaromic X-Ray generator with built in controller.
  3. Drive PC board.
  4. Driving battery & Exposure battery units.
  5. Battery charger units.
  6. Magnetic detector control unit.
  7. Motors for reverse & forward option.
  8. Speakers PC board.
  9. Small and big wheels for crawler.

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